3d Exterior Rendering Services

Whether you are a real estate developer, architect, or property owner who wants to increase the chances of your project’s success, 3d architectural exterior rendering services are the best assistance. Furthermore, you will be able to see a steady rise in sales and advertising after using 3d rendering services. Since the quality is so high some potential buyers might not even realize they're looking at a simulated image and not the real thing. CGI-Kite professional 3d Artists always take care of every detail to provide you with the desirable result. It matters a lot to tune lightning, weather, make the surrounding ant the level of digitalization exactly as it’s needed. So, it’s the best tool for marketing as 3d architectural imaging of non-existing property, even helps to get presales and attracts potential buyers.

Exterior Visualization

CGI Kite’s team enjoys providing you with 3d exterior rendering services for your existing, under construction, or only planning to be built property. With the assistance of 3d visualization, you will save more than 70% of your time due to not wasting it on changing design, planning, and surrounding decorations if something does not satisfy you. Our architects, designers, and exterior visualization 3d artists will provide you with photorealistic 3d exterior rendering which acts as a facilitator for bringing your projects into life exactly as you want them to be.
Let’s talk about benefits from CGI Kite 3d exterior architectural rendering visualization services:
  • Architects with master’s degree and long-term experience
  • Professional 3d artists who can exactly fulfill the wishes of the client as well as advise their ideas for a better result
  • Working with clients all over the world
  • We have 3D artists who specialize exclusively in exterior 3D visualization
  • High-quality 3d visualization hard to distinguish from the real photo
  • Skilled project managers and communication specialists who will always take care of your project as well as high-quality professional conversations
  • Fast execution within deadlines thanks to the well-established system in the company

Exterior visualization portfolio

Pinney Beach
Pinney Beach
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Diva at The Bay
Diva at The Bay
Diva at The Bay
Diva at The Bay
Residential complex Nigeria
Residential complex Nigeria
Exterior render
Exterior render
The CGI Kite team wants you to feel absolutely comfortable when using our services. Therefore, we have prepared a list of what we would like to provide when ordering exterior design rendering services.
Here are key things which we are expecting while working on exterior renderings:


Among all the types of drawings, the most suitable for 3d exterior renderings is the site plan. As it includes both property drawings and development of the site. To make the 3d exterior rendering precise is needed to provide architects, and 3D exterior artists with the architectural drawings of your project, which includes floor planning, details about roads, trees, pool, or sculptures arrangements. It’s significant to know the area measurements and the view of its surroundings. If a 3d artist knows the exact dimensions of a house, the surroundings layouts, it will be possible to provide you with the “as it is” 3d exterior rendering.

Weather conditions

The key advantage of 3D exterior visualization is that this photo shows realistically shows the building with its environment. Also, the project’s environment presents its atmosphere. It’s possible to provide our clients with the desired result when our 3d artists know which type of lighting should be used and what weather conditions are preferred. It’s important to know whether you want it to be sunny or cloudy, daylight or dark night. As it fully impacts the exterior rendering mood.
To make accurate 3d architectural exterior rendering, it’s needed to choose the building materials, textures, types of plant that surrounds it, what objects are around it, such as a pool, sculpture, or garage with cars.


What’s needed to get started with 3D Exterior rendering

We get all the required information about the project. It includes files of drawings, reference pictures, needed plants and outdoor furniture, decorations examples, mood board, drafts, sketches, building materials
Usually, our clients choose a few camera’s angles to show the exterior from different perspectives. We suggest several options which show the compositional angles in the best possible light.
Our 3d artists make visualizations of your building and all the required outdoor objects based on their dimensions, references, or real pictures. We look with the client how in general the exterior rendering looks, and find out whether he likes the chosen perspective and the surrounding objects, chosen plants.

Setting of the task

Choosing the camera angle

3D modeling in white


Project structure

The 3d exterior rendering creation process is an essential thing to know. Every project, in particular, takes its timeline to be finalized and it has some differences with other ones. We want to assure you that every step is carefully taken during the working process
We are working on exterior rendering details. 3d artists make the necessary environment objects, finalize the details, improve 3D models of the main building, the site trees, bushes, decorations. We will select a harmonious color scheme so that the area would have a favorable atmosphere
Usually, our clients choose a few camera’s angles to show the exterior from different perspectives. We suggest several options which show the compositional angles in the best possible light.
The final step is to make an architectural render of high quality. To make 3d exterior rendering look realistic, we work on the quality and improve the look of the materials. The result is the exterior render in 4K resolution

Renderings in white color

Rendering in color

The final step of a project


Types of 3D visualization of the exterior

3D architectural renderings help to see both the main building itself and its surroundings. Thanks to visualization, a potential buyer or investor can see how and what the building is intended for, and feel its atmosphere, and enjoy the mood conveyed by the photorealistic picture of the exterior render.
The first one is a residential building.
It’s a building that is intended for domestic accommodation for sleeping, living with a family, etc. Most of the time it's needed to visualize a road, cars, playground, and some outdoor furniture near it.
It includes educational and public institutions, such as schools, shopping malls, universities, business centers, etc. Most often, we show the main building and its detailed surroundings (plants, parking lots with cars).
The second one is commercial property.

Let’s start with mentioning what types of exterior visualization buildings there are

3D exterior rendering should convey both informational contents about the building and reveal the emotional part.

Let's take a closer look!

First, let's talk about the information content of the rendered photorealistic image of a 3D exterior. For people to see all the advantages of a building, its purpose, and all the amenities that they can provide, it is best to show the object from the perspective of the human eye. Thus, the viewer can feel the reality of this visualization without feeling the differences from the real photo. You can choose several similar angles, which will be at the same level, but in some renderings, there will be an emphasis on the building itself, and in some, more on the environment.
Secondly, it is very important to show the emotions that the exterior render conveys, since the pleasant atmosphere that this or that visualization carries is the key moment when presenting it to your customers or investors. The best angle is the bird's eye view as it allows a person to feel their power and be over the whole area.
Creation process
The time for the creation process always depends on each project in particular. But in general, it takes from 4 to 10 days.
Meeting your project
We will get all the required information about the project, including files of drawings, reference pictures, mood board, drafts, sketches, materials. 
Choosing the best solution
We will select the best solution for the implementation of your project, depending on your ness city of interior rendering services and your desired final result.
Contract and technical specifications
We will tell you in detail about your project’s detailed workflow, clarify the technical specifications in the work and sign the contract with you.
Creation process
You are offered a few cameras angles to show the interior from different perspectives. You choose what you like and our 3D artists are working on creating 3d interior renderings.
Making your corrections
After checking the intermediate result, we agree with you on what needs to be changed or improved. We continue to work on the project, taking into account your corrections and wishes.
Final result
CGI Kite team makes 3d interior rendering of high quality. The end result is the interior render in 4K resolution.

Frequently asked questions:

What is outside rendering?

Outside rendering or exterior rendering is a photorealistic image showing the property with its surroundings in an appropriate way. The purpose of rendering is to recreate the real-life view of the site, presenting the building in detail, similar to its original materials and exact dimensions. Also, it includes a detailed showing of the site development, such as road, plans, outdoor furniture.

How much does external rendering cost?

How many revisions are usually done while making 3d exterior renderings?

As for the price, it depends on each project in particular. Let's take a closer look at which nuances in the project affect the exterior 3d renderings price. The level of detail of the main object and its surroundings. The cost of exterior rendering directly depends on how detailed the photo-realistic image should be, since the better the quality and more details, the more materials, time, and effort 3D artists spend. If you have a 3D model of the main building with its surroundings or something from this, then this will reduce the price. Deadlines. Namely, the price depends on how tight your deadlines are. The more time we have to complete the work, the less we have to rush, and accordingly, the price is less. The number of renders also affects the overall price. Since we usually give a discount for a large number of 3D exterior renders.
3d exterior rendering services help real estate to grow rapidly by providing it with high-quality 3D photorealistic visualizations. As for marketing campaigns, 3d renders assist in increasing advertising. 3D visualization of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers. The quality is so high some potential buyers might not even realize they're looking at a simulated image and not the real thing.
Basically, we have about two edits per exterior render. Correcting or adding something is completely different in its degree. Some can change the project at the request of the client by no more than 10%, while others change the picture by more than 50%, which will greatly affect the time, material costs, and efforts of the 3D visualizer. We always try to listen to the client and fulfill all his requirements and at the same time give advice on how this or that render will look better.
There are only exceptional professionals in our team. Especially on 3d exterior renderings are working CGI Kite’s architects with Master’s degree and exterior 3d artists. So, there is no doubt the image for your real estate project is going to be photorealistic and high quality.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is 3D rendering important?

Who is working on exterior 3d renderings?

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