Architectural Animation Services

Bring your architectural designs to life with our 3D architectural animation services. Our realistic animations portray every component of your building or interior design, allowing consumers to understand how your development will look from a variety of perspectives. With our services, you can sense the layout, colors, shading, and landscape of your project before construction even begins, ensuring the best productivity and performance.

3D Architectural Visualization Explained

3D architectural animation services are a beneficial way to build brand awareness and attract investments. Showcase your architectural object or interior space from a different perspective and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

Experience Exceptional 3D Architectural Animations with CGI-Kite

At CGI-Kite, we are committed to providing the highest quality 3D architectural animations for your real estate projects. Our team of professionals has streamlined the animation process, ensuring that each component of your design is portrayed accurately and beautifully.
  • Advanced Equipment
    Our powerful equipment is optimized for real estate animations, which require a more complex process than standard 3D renders. Our interconnected machine servers provide fast, high-quality 3D rendering, resulting in exceptional animations that accurately portray every detail of your design.
  • The Right Team
    We believe that a great team is the key to delivering high-quality 3D architectural animations. Our minimum team consists of an art director, who manages the process and creates the scenario, two 3D artists, a 3D modeler, and a 3D animator who creates animations separately for each object. We also have a music producer available if you require original music.
  • Results Oriented
    We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to your project, which is why we work tirelessly to deliver the finished result as quickly as possible. Our streamlined process, combined with our advanced technology and equipment, allows us to provide high-speed results without compromising on quality.
  • Unmatched Experience
    Our experience has given us a deep understanding of design preferences and surroundings in different countries, allowing us to create animations that resonate with your target audience. We take a personalized approach to every project, ensuring that we understand your vision and preferences before creating the final product.

Process of Creating 3D Architectural Animation Services

The creation process for 3D architectural animation services varies depending on the complexity of each project. While it can take longer for more intricate designs, our team at CGI-Kite typically delivers completed projects within a month.

 Initial meeting:
We gather all necessary information about the project, including blueprint files, reference 3D architectural animations, mood board, drafts, sketches, materials, and music references.
 Solution selection:
We select the best solution for the implementation of your project, depending on your specific needs and desired final result.
Contract and technical specifications:
We provide you with detailed information about the project's workflow, clarify the technical specifications, and sign the contract with you.
Creation process:
 We offer you different camera options for your video, select which objects to show in what perspectives, and collaborate with you to choose the music you want. Our team of 3D artists, animators, and modelers then begin creating the 3D architectural animation.

Review and revisions:
After reviewing the intermediate result, we collaborate with you to make any necessary changes or improvements. We continue to work on the project, taking into account your corrections and wishes.
Final result:
CGI Kite team makes 3d architectural animation of high quality. The end result is the 3d architect animation in Full HD resolution.
Types of 3D Architectural Animation Services
Residential Animation

The first type of 3D architectural animation is 3D residential animation, which is created for various purposes such as infrastructure investments and presentations for potential customers. The focus of residential 3D animation is on the warmth and aesthetics of the space, which is achieved by adding artistic elements such as decoration, household products, etc. The content of the animation may vary based on the project's purpose and desired outcome.

Commercial Animation

The second type is 3D commercial animation. It showcases commercial buildings and their facilities to potential investors, renters, or property buyers. These animations focus on details such as retail malls, offices, or hotels, highlighting facilities and infrastructure like private parking, spacious conference rooms, and cafes. The goal is to provide a realistic view of the property and amenities to attract potential clients.

Promotional Animation

The final type is 3D promotional animation, which is an effective tool for increasing brand recognition and is often shared on social media. These animations showcase a company's personality, style, and philosophy, helping to build relationships with potential customers. They are perfect for promoting real estate properties or products, and can include high-realistic 3D objects and environments, along with engaging stories and 3D models of tech objects.

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