Making architectural ideas come true

CGI Kite team purpose

We help bring real estate projects and ideas to life by turning them into unforgettable architectural CGI. Our purpose is to provide a complete aesthetic enjoyment and cause impressive emotions for the viewer by creating unique 3D visualization projects.

Welcome to the board! Let me tell you about Cgi Kite. Our team of highly skilled professionals works every day to achieve new goals. We see each project as a new goal that needs to be done perfectly and uniquely. We are always looking for creativity and inspiration because 3D and architecture are the big part of our lives.
A huge skyscraper project or a small house on a lake or any other 3d, it does not matter, it is important to show the project’s soul and get the perfect result.
Let’s dive into the magical world of 3D together!

Denis Subbota

Chief Executive Officer
Head of Design Department
Chief Business Development Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Team Lead 3D Artist
  • Alexandra

    Team Lead 3D interior artist

  • Vasyl

    Art Director

  • Timothy

    Art Director

  • Evgeniy

    3D animator

  • Daniel

    3D Animator

  • Dmitriy

    Unreal Engine Developer

  • Anna

    3D interior artist

  • Mykola

    3D exterior artist

  • Tetiana

    3D exterior artist

  • Valery

    Marketing manager

  • Veronica

    3D interior artist, architect

  • Vladyslava

    Marketing manager

  • Slava

    Marketing manager

  • Anna
    Partner Success Leader
  • Nazarii
    Partner success leader
  • Ivan
    Partner success leader