3d Animation Walkthrough Services

Experience a realistic virtual tour of your property with our 3D animation walkthrough services. Our team of professionals uses high-quality equipment and interlinked machine servers to provide you with a stunning and detailed tour of your property. Unlike regular 3D interior and exterior renders, this service requires a specialized team of one director, two 3D artists, and one animator for each object to create a high-quality 3D video. Don't settle for less, choose CGI Kite for your 3D animation walkthrough needs.

3D Walkthrough Service

3D Walkthrough Animation services are a powerful sales tool, as they provide a comprehensive view of a property's interior and exterior with the right music to set the mood. Unlike 3D architectural rendering services, 3D animation allows for conveying the atmosphere of each specific location, developing an emotional link with the viewer.
Areas of Application on Examples:

A 3D walkthrough animation video can effectively showcase the atmosphere and benefits of a real estate property. For instance, it can convey the comfort of a family-friendly residential complex with calming music and showcase the luxury and dignity of a business center with dynamic music.

This powerful tool can work cyclically to sell and advertise your property, even beyond a salesperson's capabilities. With a 90-second video, you can create separate segments for social media and website content, showcasing interior and exterior zones and locations inside. One large video can be divided into smaller segments, providing a larger product for your business.

Our team of experts utilizes 3ds Max with Corona render for our 3D architectural walkthroughs, recommending a resolution of 2K or 4K for larger screens and social media platforms. Our standard 30 fps animation requires around 1000 renders, and we animate people, lighting, and effects separately. A high-quality video typically requires a team of 4-8 specialists, including an art director, 3D artists, an animator, and a project manager, with the team scaling according to project volume.

The Technology Behind 3D Architectural Walkthroughs

To create a professional 3D video, we require detailed information on the building's location, surroundings, and interior design. The Art Director then develops a quality script based on the client's requirements. Following the script, we ensure that the directing adheres to specific rules and the music fits the video's tone. The client approves all the points and aspects before beginning the animation. Providing us with comprehensive details can help execute your project quickly and efficiently.
Blueprints, including floor plans for interior camera flights and site plans for presenting exterior views of the main building and surroundings.
Google Maps location to accurately model objects and find appropriate vegetation for the area.
Sketches, drafts, and inspirational examples to understand your ideas and desired results, and gather references to achieve your vision.

The Creation Process of 3D Architectural Walkthroughs

To ensure a high-quality and efficient execution of your 3D walkthrough project, we require the following:
Information about your property type, such as residential, commercial, or retail.
Your music preferences for the project, as different types of buildings require different styles of music. We can offer suggestions, but your input will expedite the selection process.

Diva at the Bay Case

We would like to showcase our expertise in 3D architectural walkthrough services by sharing a case study of the Diva at the Bay project with you we worked on in the past.

Our task was to create a high-quality 3D animation video for a premium residential complex in the UAE, capturing the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere of the property. This involved selecting the most effective camera angles to showcase photorealistic images with intricate details, as well as incorporating dynamic music and lighting to enhance the overall experience.

The client provided us with blueprints and a 3D model of the main building, which we optimized. However, we faced a challenge, as that particular half of the island was still undeveloped, and we did not have access to the master plan or drawings of the surrounding areas.

To overcome this, we collected photos and information from various sources and created new 3D models to integrate into the project. This allowed us to create dynamic, wide-span camera shots and showcase the object from its best angles. The final result is a testament to our well-organized and systematic teamwork of professionals.

Advantages of a 3D walkthrough with CGI Kite

The CGI Kite professional team offers 3D animation walkthrough services that are beneficial for real estate developers, owners, architects, and agents. Below are key factors that are crucial in creating an exceptional video for a property:
  • Our team comprises all the necessary professionals for creating high-quality 3D architectural videos, including an art director, 3D visualizers, animators, architects with a master's degree, and designers.
  • We have powerful rendering computers that can produce top-quality 3D products.
  • Our team is very well organized, and we always strive to deliver our best work to our clients systematically and without delays.
  • The general timing for a 3D animation tour is about 2 months, with the following breakdown:
    • 10% of the time is spent on concept and scenario development
    • 50% of the total time is devoted to the production and development of 3D models.
    • 20% is dedicated to making and installing effects and animations.
    • 20% is spent on the final stage, which is rendering.
Frequently asked questions:

What is a 3D walkthrough?

A 3d photorealistic architectural animation representing a particular property and the surroundings in all its glance. It allows the viewers to visualize the building’s interior areas, exterior perspectives by controlled camera movements.

How do you define a 3D Walkthrough?

Why are 3D Walkthroughs better than 3D Renderings for home builders?

A 3d walkthrough is a three-dimensional representation of drawings in two dimensions, which helps to show all the advantages of a building with correctly selected music of camera spans and adjusted lighting that shows primary and secondary 3d models in the best possible light. The 3d animation walkthrough service is a complicated product as per a second there are about 30 exterior or interior renderings in it.
Real estate developers, owners, and agents can significantly benefit if they integrate 3d technology into their business. Talking about marketing, 3d animation for architecture objects helps a lot in advertising.3d visualizing of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers.
The photorealistic 3D animation is a representation of an existing or under construction property. It is more useful for home builders as they can see the whole vision of the area, look at interior planning and exterior perspectives. 3D visualization will become a guideline for the final result and motivation for its achievement, so it inspires people so that soon, thanks to their efforts, you can get your own luxurious and indescribable atmosphere building in reality.
To make 3D interior animation, we need planning solutions. To understand how the furniture is located between each other, it is important to provide the floor plan of your building. First, designers select the right furniture and room design. After approval with the client, 3D artists make furniture models. The next step is to animate each piece of furniture. The 3D animator separates animation of certain movements, for example,animation of curtains when the wind blows or animation of dynamic light effects. After that, there is a collection of everything together and rendering.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can benefit from 3d walkthroughs?

How do you do interior animation?

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