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Bring your property to life with photorealistic 3D exterior renderings from CGI-Kite. Our experienced team of architects, designers, and 3D artists can save you time and money with our specialized 3D exterior architectural rendering visualization services. With our high-quality visualizations, you can attract potential buyers, achieve presales, and fulfill your vision exactly as you envision it. Contact us today to learn more and see how our professional 3D rendering services can help you succeed.

Professional Exterior Visualization Services for Your Property

At CGI Kite, we take pride in offering top-notch 3D exterior rendering services for your property, whether it's already built, under construction, or in the planning stages. By utilizing 3D visualization technology, our team can help you save over 70% of your time by avoiding the need for extensive design changes or adjustments to surrounding decorations.

Our team of architects, designers, and 3D artists are committed to delivering photorealistic 3D exterior renderings that bring your vision to life. With our exterior visualization services, you can bring your projects to fruition exactly as you envision them. Contact us to learn more about how our professional 3D exterior architectural rendering services can help bring your vision to life.

Professional Benefits of CGI Kite's 3D Exterior Architectural Rendering Visualization Services:
At CGI Kite, we provide top-tier 3D exterior architectural rendering visualization services that offer a variety of benefits to our clients that include:
  • Collaboration with architects who possess master's degrees and extensive experience in the field.
  • Professional 3D artists who excel in fulfilling clients' wishes while providing expert advice for optimal results.
  • Global accessibility, serving clients from all around the world.
  • Specialized 3D artists who exclusively focus on exterior 3D visualization.
  • High-quality 3D visualizations that are difficult to differentiate from real-life photographs.
  • Experienced project managers and communication specialists who ensure timely project completion and maintain open, professional communication with clients.
  • Efficient and timely project execution, thanks to our well-established company system.

Exterior visualization portfolio

Pinney Beach
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Amelkis Golf Club Red Course
Bartolomeo Resort Town
Diva at The Bay
Diva at The Bay
Residential complex Nigeria
Exterior render

The Importance of Blueprints

Blueprints are essential for creating accurate 3D exterior renderings. To achieve the desired result, our team of expert architects and 3D artists need access to detailed blueprints that include floor plans, measurements, and information about the surrounding environment. This information allows us to create photorealistic 3D exterior renderings that accurately represent the property.

The Importance of Weather Conditions

One of the key advantages of 3D exterior visualization is the ability to realistically present the building within its environment, providing a sense of atmosphere and mood. To achieve the desired result, it's crucial for our 3D artists to know which lighting and weather conditions our clients prefer. This information ensures that we can accurately depict the desired mood and tone in the exterior rendering.
In order to produce precise 3D architectural exterior renderings, the selection of building materials, textures, surrounding vegetation, and other objects such as pools, sculptures, or garages with cars are crucial factors that must be considered.

The Importance of Materials

Creating Precise 3D Exterior Renderings

We gather all the required information about the project, such as blueprints, reference images, material samples, and a mood board. This helps us understand the client's expectations and deliverables.
We collaborate with the client to select the best camera angles that showcase the exterior design from various perspectives. Our team suggests several options that highlight the composition and visual aesthetics. Our clients can choose from several camera angles to visualize the project from different perspectives.
Our 3D artists create the visualization of the building and all the outdoor objects based on their dimensions, references, or real pictures. We ensure that the model reflects the design intent and captures the essence of the project.

Setting of the task:

Choosing the camera angles:

Creating the 3D model:


Project Structure for 3D Exterior Rendering

We work on the details and textures of the 3D model to add realism and depth to the exterior rendering. Our team selects the appropriate materials, textures, and plants to create a harmonious and immersive environment.
We create the final renderings in color to showcase the exterior design in its full glory.
We deliver the final 3D exterior rendering in high resolution (4K) to the client. We ensure that the final result meets the client's expectations and adheres to the project requirements.

Adding details and textures:

Rendering in color:

Final delivery:


Different Types of 3D Exterior Visualization for Buildings

3D architectural renderings of the exterior of buildings provide an opportunity to view the structure and its surroundings. These visualizations offer potential buyers and investors a chance to see the building's purpose and feel the atmosphere conveyed by the photorealistic image.
There are two primary types of exterior visualizations for buildings. The first is residential, which typically requires the inclusion of nearby roads, vehicles, playgrounds, and outdoor furniture. The second is commercial, which includes educational and public institutions, such as schools, shopping malls, universities, and business centers. In commercial visualizations, the focus is typically on the building and its surrounding environment, including plants and parking lots with cars.

The 3D exterior rendering should convey both informational content and emotional appeal. To ensure viewers see all the advantages of the building and its amenities, it's best to show the structure from the perspective of the human eye. Several angles can be chosen, with some focusing on the building and others highlighting the surrounding environment.
Emotions conveyed by the exterior render are critical when presenting to customers or investors. A bird's eye view is the best angle to showcase the building's power and the entire area it occupies.
Process for Creating High-Quality 3D Exterior Renderings
At CGI Kite, we follow a structured approach to ensure the creation of high-quality 3D interior renderings that meet our clients' needs. The following are the steps we take in the creation process:

Discovery Session
We start with an initial discovery session to understand the project requirements and gather all the necessary information, such as floor plans, reference images, materials, and any specific design preferences.
Proposal and Contract
Based on the information gathered during the discovery session, we provide a detailed proposal that outlines the project scope, timelines, and budget. Once the proposal is approved, we sign a contract that includes all the agreed-upon terms and conditions.
Design and Development
Our team of experienced 3D artists and designers work on creating 3D models of the interior space, including all the furniture, fixtures, and materials. We provide our clients with several camera angles to choose from to showcase the interior design from different perspectives.
Review and Feedback
Once we have created the 3D models, we present them to our clients for review and feedback. We take their suggestions and incorporate them into the design, making revisions as necessary until the client is satisfied with the final result.
Rendering and Post-Production
After the 3D models are finalized, we move on to rendering and post-production. We use advanced software to create photo-realistic images of the interior space that showcase the design in the best possible light. We ensure that the lighting, textures, and shadows are all accurately rendered to create a compelling visual experience.
Final Delivery
We deliver the final 3D interior renderings to our clients in high resolution, allowing them to showcase their design to their clients, stakeholders, and investors. We ensure that the final deliverables are of the highest quality and meet the client's expectations.

Frequently asked questions:

What is outside rendering?

Outside rendering or exterior rendering is a photorealistic image showing the property with its surroundings in an appropriate way. The purpose of rendering is to recreate the real-life view of the site, presenting the building in detail, similar to its original materials and exact dimensions. Also, it includes a detailed showing of the site development, such as road, plans, outdoor furniture.

How much does external rendering cost?

How many revisions are usually done while making 3d exterior renderings?

As for the price, it depends on each project in particular. Let's take a closer look at which nuances in the project affect the exterior 3d renderings price. The level of detail of the main object and its surroundings. The cost of exterior rendering directly depends on how detailed the photo-realistic image should be, since the better the quality and more details, the more materials, time, and effort 3D artists spend. If you have a 3D model of the main building with its surroundings or something from this, then this will reduce the price. Deadlines. Namely, the price depends on how tight your deadlines are. The more time we have to complete the work, the less we have to rush, and accordingly, the price is less. The number of renders also affects the overall price. Since we usually give a discount for a large number of 3D exterior renders.
3d exterior rendering services help real estate to grow rapidly by providing it with high-quality 3D photorealistic visualizations. As for marketing campaigns, 3d renders assist in increasing advertising. 3D visualization of non-existing property helps a lot to get presales and attracts potential buyers. The quality is so high some potential buyers might not even realize they're looking at a simulated image and not the real thing.
Basically, we have about two edits per exterior render. Correcting or adding something is completely different in its degree. Some can change the project at the request of the client by no more than 10%, while others change the picture by more than 50%, which will greatly affect the time, material costs, and efforts of the 3D visualizer. We always try to listen to the client and fulfill all his requirements and at the same time give advice on how this or that render will look better.
There are only exceptional professionals in our team. Especially on 3d exterior renderings are working CGI Kite’s architects with Master’s degree and exterior 3d artists. So, there is no doubt the image for your real estate project is going to be photorealistic and high quality.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is 3D rendering important?

Who is working on exterior 3d renderings?

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