Urban Village 3D Exterior Animation

Typology: Private village 

Location: Russia

Status: Sketch video for marketing

Tags: 3D video, render, 

Visualization: СGI-Kite

Schedule of visualization: 5 weeks

3D Video of cottage village. 

Creating an advertising video, an elite village near the city. The client has the inspiration and the correct business plan of the object. We made the task based on the business model and tried to show everything on the video as informative as possible. Added, departure to the site, showed security and clearly demonstrated the master plan of the facility. ​​​​​​​

Enjoy watching!

Some rules for a good 3d video.
1_Composition in the picure.
2_Dynamic details. - smoke from the chimney.
3_Light interiors in facilities, it is important for comfort and warmth.
4_Green recreation, it is important to devote enough time to this.
5_Do not focus on 3D people. It is important.
6_Add reflection to asphalt and other surfaces. In reality, everything is not at all clean!
7_3D scenes of the near plan and the long plan.
Doing responsibly, these are 2 different 3D models, it is important not to forget about optimization in the video.

Enjoy watching!