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Tannum Sands project estimation

We would like to offer the full package of services for the Tannum Sands project. The package will include: 3D render for the exterior and interior, 3D animation, and a Virtual Reality tour. Let us show this concept in detail:

3D rendering service

The 3D rendering service for the exterior and interior is crucial to showcase all the unique features of the Tannum Sands project in Australia. This will be useful for investors as it provides them with a realistic visual representation of the project. With 3D rendering, the overall view of the site can be shown from a bird's eye perspective, while also allowing a focus on local perspectives of specific areas, such as residential areas with lagoons, commercial areas, community zones, golf courts, marina, and various recreational zones. This allows investors, city council, and customers to better understand the project and make informed decisions based on the visual representation of the project at the very early stages of construction.

Proposed camera angles for 3D renders/3D animation
Reference quality
3D animation service

3D animation can be a powerful tool for promoting a Tannum Sands project as it can bring a concept to life and create an engaging visual experience. It allows for the creation of lifelike animations of the project, which can be used to showcase its features and functionality to the target audience. Different camera angles can be used in 3D video to showcase the project from various perspectives. For example, a walkthrough animation can provide a realistic view of the project from the ground level, while a flyover animation can give an aerial view of the site. The use of close-ups and panoramic shots can also help highlight specific features of the project. Our Art Director will help with the storyboard creation and camera flights. This will be perfectly fitted to your project needs.
Reference video
Quality reference
Virtual Reality service:

A VR tour can be an excellent tool for promoting a project as it provides a highly immersive and interactive experience for the viewer. It allows potential investors or buyers to virtually explore the project in detail, gaining a realistic understanding of its layout and design. One of the main advantages of a VR tour is that it can save time and resources as it eliminates the need for physical visits to the site for abroad customers. All deals can be closed remotely. Additionally, a VR tour can showcase the Tannum Sands features and functionality in an engaging and memorable way. It can also provide a sense of scale and perspective, which may be difficult to achieve through traditional marketing methods. Overall, a VR tour can help increase interest in a project and create a positive impression among potential buyers or investors.

VR App will be ready to launch on standalone hardware, that is completely portable and easy to run without any requirement of specialized staff. Hardware for VR presentation on spot:
  • VR-ready laptop with GTX 3060 video card: apx. price tag: 1600 usd.
  • VR headset: Oculus Quest 2, apx price - 700 usd.
It's all required hardware that is portable and installation takes 3 min, to just unpack the hardware and turn it on.

Reference VR tour


Project scope
3D renders
Exteriors: 3 aerial views / 4 local views
5 Interiors: kitchen / living room / master bedroom / 2 renders in commercial spaces
3D animation
60 seconds (6 exterior shots 5 interior cameras)

VR tour
Creation of the VR tour which will include area up to 10700 ft² in Stage 2 + lagoon + part of Golf court.
Price list
6 weeks
3D modeling

8 000 USD
5 weeks
3D rendering
14 000 USD (12 pcs)
4 weeks
3D animation
22 000 USD (60 sec)
5 weeks
VR tour
18 000 USD (10700 ft²)
12 weeks
62 000 USD
12 weeks
Total if ordering the full package:
52 000 USD
* Some steps can be done in parallel. The overall timeline is approximately 12 weeks.
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