PINNEY BEACH 3d animation

Typology: Video 

Location: USA

Status: sketch render for marketing

Tags: 3Dvideo, cgi, animation

Visualization: СGI-Kite

Schedule of visualization: 3 weeks

CGI Kite team is ready to present you the new 3D animation made for our regular client. Previously, we made 3D exterior renders for this project. Now, a video is also ready where not only all the beauty of the island is shown, but also beautiful villas' interiors. Our main task was to make a very realistic apartment that conveys a cozy and warm atmosphere of a long-waited holiday. To do this, our designers worked out the color scheme and decorations, 3D modelers made furniture models thoroughly, and 3D animators accordingly worked on camera spans and the very concept of this video. Our client was completely satisfied with the end result, this video is the best way to attract potential customers and increase sales in your real estate development business.

Enjoy watching!