Nigerian Residence

Typology: Exterior visualizations

Location: Nigeria

Status: Final render of the project

Tags: Visualization

Visualization: CGI-Kite

Completion Time: 1,5 week

We would like to present you with a new 3D architectural visualization of a residential complex in Nigeria, located on the seashore. This photorealistic render is presented in cool colors in a restrained minimalistic style with luxurious details. We worked on both the main building and secondary objects together with the environment. Our main task was to make a design that would be done in a similar style to all the buildings in the area. Our client provided us with drawings. But not only our 3D artists but also designers worked on the project. Since it was necessary to design the facades before moving on to visualization. Our client was happy with the result and used the image data for his marketing campaign to increase sales. Enjoy watching!