London 3D Exterior Rendering Residential House

Typology: Exterior visualizations

Location: suburb of London​​​​​​​, UK

Status: Final render of the project

Tags: Visualization

Visualization: CGI-Kite

Completion Time: 1 week

Look at CGI Kite's new project of exterior rendering and interior rendering made for residential buildings located in the London, UK. The 3D model of the main architectural object was made by our 3D modelers and 3D artists. Our task was not only to render the main building in detail, but also to model the surrounding area, minor architectural elements, street scenery, and 3D cars. For exact displaying of the interior render design, we were given a whiteboard from the interior designer and a list of rules that we clearly followed to perform the task. We have depicted beautiful sunny weather, realistic renderings, wonderful atmosphere outside and in the interior space thanks to the light and color correction settings and decorations. The client needs the renderings for marketing advertising, to put them in brochures and on the website. The client was completely satisfied with the result.

Enjoy watching!