Interactive Solutions
Dive into a world of endless possibilities
We create engaging user experiences for various purposes, including education, marketing, entertainment, and more.
  • VR development
    Сreate immersive and realistic VR experiences that transport users to other worlds.
  • Unreal Engine development

    We use Unreal Engine to create high-quality, real-time 3D experiences for games, simulations, and training.
  • Application development
    Develop custom applications for a variety of purposes, including mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps.
  • Touch table development
    Create interactive touch table experiences that engage and inform users.
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Innovations in Action
See how we've helped our clients achieve their goals with innovative interactive solutions.

Unreal Development of game environment

Sci-fi game concept with environment made on Unreal Engine. The team worked closely with the design, art and overall idea of this development

Touch table sales app

This is the web-based application for sales office of the construction company. Such application will help to see the residential complex from all sides, see amenities nearby, check available apartments on each floor, filter units by the size and view, see approximate internal design and layouts.

Unreal Engine VR for real estate

This type of application can showcase your property from different angles and offer something brand-new for your customers/investors

VR tour

Computer-based VR for internal space of the office. Will help customers to see in detail every detail of the final design idea.

VR glasses

Made for HTC-Vive glasses, with opportunity for 2 users interact simultaneously in the one space. We worked with the leg trackers to make it happen. This will help use to feel even more immersive experience and click on different objects and teleport from one room to another

Immigration detention centre for ICRC

Project on Unreal Engine where we made level design, 3D modeling of the containers, prison. This application were used as a VR training Tool by International Committee of the Red Cross.


VR training application connected to the military sphere.

VR military training

VR training application connected to the military sphere. Here you can wear VR glasses and try yourself as a shooter using different type of weapons

VR training aircraft

VR training application for flight attendants to see the internal parts of the aircraft and where to find the important stuff connected to the safety of the passengers.

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