We are a 3D architectural studio making architectural CGI for more than 8 years. We are passionate about our work, hence our 3D rendering, 3D animation, architectural VR, and AR projects are always on the top level. Our team loves creating new worlds, designs, and virtual reality environments. Among our team members, there are people who are specifically in charge of game projects with various expertise that you can find below.
Our expertise:

What we can do?

Game development
CGI Kite team develops game projects from the early stages to the final result. We do our own game projects as well as offer outsourcing development services for your desired game product. Our top-notch game developers will create any game format and genre for various devices!
Game art
Our professionals offer services in game art creation, including 2D environments and characters as well as eye-catching 3D objects designed to convey your desired gaming vision. Our 2D and 3D artists are eager to meet your goals and do everything possible to achieve the perfect result.
2D art
CGI Kite offers our clients a range of 2D art outsourcing services for different platforms and genres. Our artists will help you bring your projects to life by creating original 2D character art for your game that will arouse positive emotions and interest among the users of the game.
3D art
We have been a successful 3D creation team for many years. Our unrivaled 3D modelers, artists, and 3D animators will create appealing 3D characters, captivating environments, precise props, and many other things for any kind of game. Be sure that our team will be able to bring your unique artistic outlook to life with first-class 3D art. From concept art to rendering 3D models that will certainly captivate your users, we'll take care of you.
3D Animation
High-quality 3D animated movies are offered by CGI Kite for a variety of gaming genres. Storyboarding, modeling, texturing, sculpting, sketching out, structuring, and finishing processing are all handled by a skilled team as part of this comprehensive package. For clients, we create witty, funny, and captivating animations. Whatever objects you like can be created and given life by our skilled 3D animators.
AR & VR development
CGI Kite has experience in the development of successful architectural VR & AR projects and can therefore confidently offer its services for game development. AR game development alongside VR game development is aimed at fully immersing the user of your game for an absolute or partial escape from true reality, and the satisfaction provided by the interaction in the world of gaming.
Learning about the project
Getting to know your project with its outline ideas.
Analysis and solution
Analysis of the project, planning the development stages, figuring out which team members are needed and an approximate result at the end of the work.
Project proposals and the contract
We tell you in detail about the phases of the project, its end result, and timing. Propose the contract for your game.
Development and adjustments
The most fascinating part is the process of making a game project, in which you will participate by communicating what you like and what you would prefer to modify.
Final result
Well, after some hard work, we can provide you with a completed version of your successful game project!
We have been involved in game development for the last 2 years and in that time we have received collaboration and assistance from Epic Game. Moreover, there are 2 accomplished projects. Our gaming direction is enthusiastically supported and inspired by all members of the CGI Kite team. Due to these factors, you can be sure that your project will be accomplished at the top level! You can look at the working process below.
Development process:

Our games

A multiplayer game in a battle niche where a player in the role of a gone created by nature and extraterrestrial energy fights for energy reserves with other gamers.
Сlash of Golems
The game is a platformer, endless runner, where you control the main character - a cat, helping him overcome various kinds of obstacles and collect bonuses in the form of food to strengthen your character.
Mobile online game stylized analogue of Guns of Boom. It was developed in 2017-2018 at the time of the growing popularity of the battle royale genre, so the customer decided to add a battle royale mode. The project was completed but not released by the customer.
A fun, sarcastic mobile game that makes fun of family stereotypes. An exciting action game will not make you bored, and short online sessions add even more fun to the game.

Our team

  • Michael Chepurnyak
  • Denis Subota 
  • Sergei Chorniy 
    Music and effects 
  • Anastasia Grekova 
    3D Artist 
  • Stepan Evseenko 
  • Marina Muhina 
    Artist & concept 
  • Dmytriy Kabro 
    Unreal developper