Typology: Interior visualizations

Location: USA

Status: Final render of the project

Tags: Visualization

Visualization: CGI-Kite

Completion Time: 1,5 weeks

Nowadays, online presence is more important than ever, especially for furniture brands. If you have a question about how to close the online-offline gap and offer engaging experiences online, the CGI Kite team has an answer and is 3D architectural product visualization. Our new project is an excellent example since renderers helped our regular client to increase sales and get more satisfied customers.3D architectural visualization is a crucial thing for furniture as it’s one of the types of products where buyers do the most individualized purchasing. And the simplest method to exhibit alternative fabrics, colors, and finishes, without having to create and shoot every single model variant is providing item customization. For furniture businesses with a large product portfolio with several variations, 3D architectural product visualization is very significant.​​​​​​​ Enjoy watching!