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Site plan vs Floor plan – the difference between site plan and floor – CGI Kite

3D floor and site plans are gaining popularity, especially for real estate under construction. CGI-Kite would like to clarify the difference between site plans and floor plans as our team of 3D Artists and architects is faced with the fact that some of our clients think that the floor plan services are the same as site plan ones.

But, there are things that differentiate between the two, which are quite important to be acquainted with. Having this comprehension would be useful when you are investing in property, buying it, or ordering 3D visualization services, such as 3d floor plan design.

Let’s If we parse the meaning of these drawings in terminology, the site plans and floor plans are orthographic projection drawings viewed from the above-ground looking down. In fact, they are complementary plans showing unlike details of a future or existing building.

Particularly the plan is the center of attention in the difference between the two. Areas detailing a land’s plot beyond the building boundaries is related to the site plan. While floor plan exhibits the elements’ details of a building up to the outer edge of the structure.

Site Plan

The site plan is based on the structure of the building, but the main focus is on the surroundings.

The level of detail of the land around the building is high.

The boundaries around the building may include both site features, such as trees, landscaping, watercourses, and construction elements, such as walks, courts, and roadways are included.
Let’s look at the site plan example sample.

3D site plan

3D Artists of CGI-Kite always think over every detail trying to make the environment very high quality and as similar as possible to an existing or future building. The 3D site plan is the best tool to show the landscape layout of your property in beautiful, full-color 3D. It’s perfect for real estate marketing, property improvement projects, landscape design.

While working process designers add landscaping materials, plants, and outdoor furnishings based on your wishes to complete the site plan.

A 3D site plan can ideally suit many purposes.

For example, it’s an outstanding way to demonstrate a property layout. So, it’s possible to see outdoor areas the property has, such as a garage, a backyard, BBQ. It helps see its potential right away.

3D site planning is perfect for showing 3D landscape design for a proposed home as it helps a viewer to imagine how the design would look.

Really helpful for creating backyard designs. While looking at 3D Site Plans, clients can understand which materials will work better together and could ask 3D artists to change them, match them with different ones.

You can watch 3d site plan examples.

Floor Plan

A floor plan is the cross-section cut through a building at a definite level above a grade.

Floor plan maker services assist to represent your property’s walls, and columns configuration, the connections between spaces inside and outside the building, the shapes, and spaces dimensions, the doors, and windows locations. The major focus is on horizontal surface details that are visible. Essentially, tabletops, sofas, and fireplaces, etc.

3D Floor Plan

Due to the 3D floor plan rendering a person is able to have a realistic view of the interiors in all their beauty. As the 3D visualization is more accurate and credible than photos as the last ones definitely portray the space.

Our 3D designers always take care to thoroughly find the suitable references, right materials for the furniture, work out the lighting and the decor. As with help of the 3D room design, one can gain a better insight about the locations, the area of rooms in the building, as far as perceive the usage of the space through high-resolution plans and blueprints and feel the mood of a place.

The service helps to see all the details accurately, such as the placement of windows, sofas, or colors and textures that can be chosen for walls. It helps visualize the connection between the rooms and get a real feel of the whole property layout.

We’ve cleaned up some misapprehension about the 3D site and floor plans. Now you realize that with the help of 3D site plans, it’s simpler for architectural or construction companies to display their large projects. And the 3D floor plan provides you with a clear idea of the measurement and size of the building;

A 3D floor plan helps a lot before construction as it gives a flawless design for the building for a customer.

We hope it was useful for you!