May 9, 2024

3D Visualization: a key to success project

We live in an era that has been and continues to be heavily influenced by globalization. It opened the door to the world market for many businesses. Companies can sell their services around the world and reach territories that were previously inaccessible to them. More countries, more customers, more opportunities. But with great opportunities came great competition. First of all, for customers.
Denis Subbota
Chief Executive Officer
With so much choice, people have become more demanding and selective about what they want. Therefore, companies need to innovate and stand out from the crowd in order to gain attention.

One of the important tools that can help to do this and show your project in a favorable light is 3D visualization. And in this article we will tell you why this tool is so helpful today.
Not just pictures
One of the most common stereotypes about 3D visualization is that it’s just pictures. In fact, the image is indeed one of her final products. But more important is what these images do and how they affect. How exactly? Let's look at the example of Interior design visualization.
Bring imagination to reality
Suppose you want to sell an apartment. Imagine yourself in the place of the person who is looking for it. Numerous ads on websites, photos, drawings. How will she understand that the apartment of her dreams is right there with you?

With the help of Interior 3D visualization, you can create an interactive world in which she can not only see this apartment, but also feel as if she is there. Because when you see the atmosphere of the place, the furniture that can be there, the view from the window, the way the light falls, it creates an emotional connection. And when there is an emotional connection, it is easier to make a decision.
Anticipate risks in process
And now let's delve a little deeper into the design process itself. When the Interior 3D design concept and architectural drawings are in development, it is easier to identify potential flaws. If only plans and sketches are available, it is more difficult to assess whether the space is efficient or whether the interior elements do not contradict each other.

And if you see everything in full volume, you will be able to test different options and solve this problem before the start of construction. And thereby minimize risks. Because, if it slips out later, the problems will be much greater than the stress of editing.
Сreate clear communication with client
Another problem that can be encountered in the process of work is a misunderstanding with the client. Let's try to imagine the situation. You discuss the design concept. You tell how everything should be, and he says that everything suits him. You continue to work with the feeling that you have understood each other correctly. And when it comes to realization, it turns out that the client imagined it in a completely different way.

And hello, overspending, real-time project rework, stress, bad reviews, reputation at stake.

And if you rewind time and go back to the moment when you discussed the project and show detailed Interior design visualization, the person could more clearly understand what it should look like. Provide comments and make changes until everything is fully agreed. And in this way, everyone would be satisfied.

We have given you an example of a negative scenario and its possible solution. But we know that this is not enough for a complete understanding. Therefore, let's move from examples and imaginary situations to a real case, the story of which ended well for all parties.
Our case
We cooperated with a client from Australia who deals in luxury real estate. He was interested in our Instagram and wrote to us about his task.A new residential complex on the seashore is under construction. Client wants to order the interior 3D visualization of the apartments in it to use in the marketing campaign and on the official website. And, as a result, to sell these apartments before the building is realized. Special emphasis was placed on creating an atmosphere and a view from the window.

We have received a clear brief for the project, which included: drawings, material specifications and drone photos of the coastline to get exactly the view from the window that we needed.
The work took place in several stages:
1. Gathering information: the client has provided us with all the necessary documents for the work and told us about his wishes, how he wants it to look. For this he added moodboards and references

2. Modeling: began to develop a general Interior 3D design and environment, set the camera for the desired angle

3. First render in white: to show the client the overall look of the model, angles and lighting. To find out if there are any edits already at this stage, before we move on to work with color

4. Render in color: Once the preliminary render was approved, we moved to a full render, with all colors, textures and materials, to get already full feedback

5. Post-production: we took into account all the edits and polished the images to the final form, in which the client can use them in his work.

At every stage, we kept in touch with the client so that he understood how the work was going until the very end.

And as a result, a series of perspectives came out, which tells about every room and every corner of the apartment, in order to show the entire space as fully as possible and allow you to "walk" through it. Warm color scheme, sea view from all windows and sunlight. We managed to achieve exactly the emotion that was needed for the marketing campaign.

A complete album of visualizations for this project on our Behance:
But the main result of this project was the success that our client got with the help of Interior design visualization. The apartments found their owners and really attracted attention even at the stage of construction of the residential complex.

As you have seen, 3D visualization is not just a tool. This is an opportunity to create without limitations. Give free rein to your imagination and we will help you make it come true.

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