3D Tiny House on the Wheels Exterior Rendering

Typology: Interior and exterior visualizations

Location: USA

Status: Final render of the project

Tags: Visualization

Visualization: CGI-Kite

Completion Time: 1 week

Here is our new 3D visualization project of the house on the wheels in the United States. The first picture is the final colour exterior rendering in high resolution. These interior renders show how relaxing you can feel inside. On the visualizations, you can see two different versions of the bedroom that could be in the house. On the last render, we made the 3D floor plan of this tiny construction. We had clear material specifications and the 2D drawings from the client. Our 3D artists have done an incredible job in all stages of the project. They worked out all the main furniture objects and filled out all the empty spaces in the house. They were trying to create a light and pleasant lighting setup and the decorations. We really loved that project and the client liked the final result. Enjoy watching!