3D Exterior Render Bridge and Skyscraper

Typology: Exterior visualizations

Location: Australia 

Status: Final render of the project

Tags: Visualization

Visualization: CGI-Kite

Completion Time: 7 weeks

Here is the CGI Kite's new 3D exterior visualization project of the skyscraper and the bridge. The main task was to convey photorealism and atmosphere in this exterior rendering. We had to show the general view, which depicts 2 main architectural objects, the water as realistic as possible, and the environment. The client provided us with drawings and a 3D model of this skyscraper. We have optimized this 3D model, created other 3D visualizations of architectural objects,3d modeling of a yacht, and greens. Our 3D artists paid special attention to working out the light settings on this exterior rendering, working out the materials of the main and secondary objects, and conveying the overall atmosphere thanks to the settings of the color scheme and weather conditions. The client was completely satisfied with the quality and photorealism of this exterior render. 

Enjoy watching!