360° 3D Modeling for
Real Estate
360 3D models allow the real estate business to represent objects in a more realistic way to customers. The high visualization quality, the 360 3D models' size, the possibility of interactive and controllable property items make this approach ideal for primary presentations. In order to make this technique most effective and reliable, we at CGI Kite use professional approach and advanced techniques to ensure the constant adjustments of real time changes on your product’s form and lighting.

For the sale of the real estate objects, such as residential complexes or land plots, it is often essential to present every dimension and every property to the customer. For this purpose, 360 3D modeling technology serves as an indispensable service by enabling real estate presentations which cannot be seen on the actual site.
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The great features of the 360 3D model for real estate business is that it enables the showcase of the development site with units available for selection. Once you click on the desired unit, the specs table appears with the detailed information on the property, such as floor plans, total area, and basically anything you would like to add in the description. This feature leads to more frequent purchasing or renting decisions, as it allows to obtain extended information for the decision maker.
Landscape 360 model
Residential 360 model
The process of creating the 360 3D model consists of multiple steps, during which CGI Kite team stays in touch and provides status updates. Our approach is tested in hundreds of successful cases, which allows us to be 100% sure in the final outcome. On average the complete development process from the 1st touch to the final product takes from 1-2 weeks. Find out detailed development lifecycle below:

Introductions and project specifications
It all starts with a simple request via any of our channels, where our specialists set up a specific date and time to get acquainted with your team and vision. During the meeting we discuss specifications and favorable outcomes of the project, obtain blueprints, and agree on the follow-up meeting, where the commercial offer is presented. Once, we receive an affirmation on a commercial offer, we get to the development.

The most exciting step for us, when we transfer your vision into a complete model. During the development process we do the following: 3D modeling and rendering of your development site in white colors with subsequent rendering in color. Based on project requirements, we can render a sequence of 250 - 500 rendered images of a few camera’s angles to provide the preferred smoothness of the model advance in the best possible light. 

The final presentation & materials transfer
During this step we set up a presentation for your team to showcase the created model. After the presentation, we send you the images which you can easily upload on your website, or we can set everything up on your website ourselves if needed. 

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